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Dairy-free Banana Cake

This is a very delicious recipe that I love to bake. It’s so easy to make and the cake is so moist.
It’s dairy free and healthy as you use olive oil instead of better.

I improvised the regular banana cake recipe by substituting butter with olive oil due to an personal incident.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts that my baby boy had infant eczema. It was difficult time for me as I was trying to adjust into motherhood, recovering from caesarean and also managing his eczema.

One day, while bubba was napping away in my lap, I was watching Oscars live on TV. I was snacking on chezel. In his sleep, bubba tried to scratch himself, I saw that and I hold his hands to stop him from scratching. The residue of chezels in my fingers must have touched his skin. All of a sudden he broke into hives. As this was the first time that he reacted so bad to external allergen, I freaked out. Due to this incident I assumed that it might be something in chezels that he’s allergic to. I read the content and thought it might be the milk solids. I did some research online and got information on how baby could be allergy to dairy. As I was exclusively breastfeeding at that time and he hadn’t started solids yet. I thought I will remove dairy from my diet for 3 weeks and see if that will cure his eczema.

I went dairy free and was not taking any milk, butter or any food that has dairy content. Surprisingly most of my regular diet consisted some sort of dairy. I was reading labels on all food before buying or consuming it.
I couldn’t eat biscuits or even chips as most of these food labels said ‘milk solid’.

It was 3 weeks of pure endurance and self discipline. No eating out or take away, no KFC, no desserts.

As I was running very low in energy and craving for a cake, I decided to find a recipe that’s dairy free.

I remembered a time when a work colleague brought muffins for morning tea. It was strawberry muffin which was really yummy. Everyone asked her for recipe and she said she used olive oil instead of butter as she’s very health conscious.

So I decided bake a banana cake (which I bake all the time) and instead of using butter, I used olive oil. Normally I would put 3 tablespoons of milk in the mix, but for my dairy-free version , I omitted if from the recipe.

The cake itself turned out great and ever since then I now use this recipe.


4 med sized Banana ( or 2 large ones)
1 cup of olive oil
4 eggs

2 cups of flour
1 cup of raw sugar
3 teaspoon of baking powder
Dash of cinnamon powder
Chopped nuts for texture

In a blender, purée bananas and add 1 cup of oil to purée and blend. Add 4 eggs and blend to make a thick mixture.



In a bowl, mix all the dry ingredients and add chopped nuts (I used cashew and almonds). Then add the wet mixture and whisk it to make together to make a thick batter. Add a dash of cinnamon and mix.



Pour the mixture into greased baking tin ( greased with olive oil spray). Put it into preheated oven at 180 degree Celsius for an hour. After an hour, check the cake by inserting a skewer in th middle of the cake, if it comes out clean, it’s ready to be served.
Best served warm with a cuppa.