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My very first post. Being a food lover, I was always going to start with food related topic.

Momo is one of the most loved, most eaten, most craved, most readily available and most known dish of Nepal. Everyone loves momo and cannot get enough of it. Especially on a rainy cold winter days of kathmandu ( my hometown), the hot momo with spicy achar (tomato sauce) is just divine.

The memories of walking past momo shops with a big stove and a steamer full of steaming hot momo in every nook and corner alleys of kathmandu is enough to make me drool. Those Rs.10 a plate for a dozen momo with soupy achars (famous jhol momo of Kathmandu) are one the best eats. You do have to pick these shops carefully. I always go for the known ones or busy ones as it ensures that the momos and mince meat are freshly prepared. As it’s so vigorously steamed, its quite hygienic, you just opt out of soupy achar.
My hubby is a foodie and momo lover. He can chow down momos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He is from Pokhara. The momos are different in these two towns. He is used to momo served with thick sauce consistency achar and a consommé (clear soup made from bone stock).  Either way it is still our favourite dish. I believe all Nepalese will agree if we say it might as well be our national dish.

Here is the picture of my momo from last weekend. Enjoy.

Love from Oz
Mrs Grg